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10 Reasons why you should join the Utah School Employees Association.

We stand together as one voice. Your Association speaks on your behalf in the legislative arena, at the state level, at the national level and most importantly of all, at the local level. Your views are represented.

  1. When we stand together, we will be heard! Elected officials and our employers will listen when they know we have the power as a united group to advance our wages, benefits and working conditions!
  2. You have representation for any worksite and employment grievances through advocacy and legal guidance.
  3. We go beyond legal assistance. All members receive professional liability insurance worth one million dollars.
  4. We offer Professional Development and training sessions that enhance your personal skills, leadership skills, advocacy skills that enhance your careers. All trainings are free to members.
  5. We offer support to Local bargaining teams, including contract maintenance, policy advice, current bargaining trends and a host of other local concerns or celebrations.
  6. We support your voice in educational trends, hot debate topics, political policies that impact your work life and other subjects that you feel strongly about.
  7. We work hand in hand with your Local Association to acknowledge that there is strength in numbers. Being a member gives your Local and USEA the opportunity to stand up for students, the Association and each other.
  8. We encourage our members to take advantage of numerous benefits offered through USEA and NEA Member Benefits. You can discover opportunities to save real money on purchases of auto, home, life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. There are too many benefits to list; so find some time to see for yourself on the 2 web sites.
  9. We offer NEA Dues Tab insurance as a free life insurance to all active members.
  10. We communicate with you. USEA publishes USEA MATTERS! and makes it available to all members four times a year. Locals communicate in a variety of ways with their constituents.


Thank you for belonging. As a member, you already know the advantages of belonging to the state.


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