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USEA Matters

Looking for all the latest USEA news? Check out USEA's quarterly newspaper, USEA Matters (formerly known as "The Review"), now available as a PDF on our website. In it, you will find articles about what's happening in many of USEA's local affiliates, as well as messages from your USEA President, Jerad Reay, and USEA's Executive Director, Bryan Sprague. You will also find information on the latest and best offers from NEA, our national affiliate. Click the link below to read the latest edition of USEA Matters and see what education support professionals are accomplishing in the state of Utah!

Latest Editions of USEA Matters & The Review!

USEA Matters - January 2018

USEA Matters - Summer 2017

USEA Matters - May 2017

USEA Matters - February 2017

USEA Matters - January 2016

The Review - June 2015

The Review - January 2015

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