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USEA Vision Insurance

Dear USEA Member,

Opticare of Utah is happy to announce that USEA has negotiated for ALL USEA Members to receive a FREE vision plan this year. Below you will find a summary of benefits with rates, provider lists and an enrollment application.

USEA Members will have access to two vision plans for 2014-2015 effective 9-1: Open enrollment runs through August 29th.
Exceptions: Canyons, Davis and Granite effective date 1/1/15, with open enrollment in November.

Basic Plan — This plan will be free for all USEA members. If you would like to add a dependant or need family coverage, there is just a small premium. The monthly premium for two-party is $6.15 or $8.06 for family. USEA members must complete the application for your free coverage.

10-120C Plan - If you prefer to have more provider access, then the 10-120C plan would be the best option for you. The 10-120C plan is being offered as follows: $6.33 for single coverage, $12.29 for two-party coverage or $16.12 for family coverage, per month.

Please make sure to fill out all information on the application and return to USEA.

Feel free to call Opticare of Utah 800-363-0950 for any additional questions.

Thank you, 
Opticare of Utah


Basic Plan  |  10-120 C Plan  |  Provider List  |  Enrollment Form

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